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We Set Out to Eliminate FX Risk

Delivering an embedded cross-currency solution that empowers software platforms and B2B marketplaces to secure their transactions against FX volatility.

Grain team


The Origin of Grain

The first hedge dates back to the mid-1800s in Chicago, when farmers sought to lock-in prices for grain. To ensure price stability, the dealers committed to buy grain at a specific agreed-upon price, which they paid when the grain was delivered.

As the evolution of commerce lifted the international borders of trade for small businesses, certainty in currency exchange rates has become essential for savvy global business owners. Grain mitigates your risk, and your end-users’ exposure  to cross-currency volatility.  Gain peace of mind, lower costs and drive higher sales  with a simple, automated hedging solution without the hassle of bank bureaucracy.

Dor Golan

Founder & CEO

"Currency hedging is crucial, particularly in uncertain times, but often limited to big firms. Grain aims to democratize this, offering every online marketplace and software platform the ability to provide currency hedging to their customers, leveling the global business field."


Our Team

We are entrepreneurs formerly of Barclays, Deutsche Bank, Wix, Melio and other top fintech startups who are passionate about making financial solutions accessible for businesses of all sizes.

Dor Golan

Dor previously served as the head of two successful hedge funds and as the co-founder of Horizon, a crypto liquidity provider. He has over 18 years of financial experience.

Dor Golan


Michal Beinisch

Michal spent 15 years in the financial sector, serving as the Global Head of Barclays FinTech Platform and the COO of Barclays Israel.

Michal Beinisch


Aharon Navon

As the former head of Barclay’s CEEMEA FX trading platform and the co-founder of Israel's largest FX Hedging non-bank, Aharon brings over 20 years of FX and risk management experience to Grain.

Aharon Navon



Nir brings over 10 years of experience building and scaling fintech products. Prior to Grain, Nir led product organizations in companies such as Melio, BlueVine and Intuit.

Nir Galon


Shilo proffesional photo 1.png

Shilo has led engineering teams at Wix for over 6.5 years, earning recognition for developing globally impactful solutions. His decade-long experience includes leading R&D groups, specializing in building large-scale platforms and applications.

Shilo Magen


Our team

What We Believe In

Our industry specific solutions are engineered to fit your needs and goals.

You Come First

We care about our customers. We are focused on providing value and helping our customers succeed.

We Get Things Done

We are efficient and effective on our mission to simplify an overly complex world.

You’re In Good Hands

We are experts in our field, we are passionate about what we do, and we are committed to protecting your interests.

We Do the Right Thing

We challenge the status quo in the pursuit of excellence to always provide the best solutions.

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