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AI-Driven Currency Hedging Solution

Embrace Seamless, Risk-Free Multi-Currency Commerce with Our Automated Cross-Currency Solution

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Adaptive Integration, Diverse Platforms

Grain is designed to solve the challenges of cross-border commerce in diverse sets of environments, including Software Applications, Marketplaces, and Payment Service Providers.

Software Platforms

Embed Grain’s API to allow your users to automatically hedge Receivables and Payables from inside your application.

Payment Service Providers

B2B marketplaces

FX hedging for software platforms


This is
How it Works

Report Platform Transactions

Effortlessly integrate via our API or our file uploader.

Get Quotes for Your Users

Show your customer prices in their local currencies.

Let Grain Take 100% of the Risk

Grain takes on the risk of delivering the FX rate promised.

Automate Settlement on Due Date

Grain exchanges currencies at the guaranteed rate and delivers to you or your customer.

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FX Insights & Management

Gain complete visibility and control over your cross-currency activities with our intuitive dashboard.

Additional Features
for Optimal
FX Management

Explore the powerful capabilities of our solution designed to simplify and enhance your cross-currency transactions.

spot transaction

Seamlessly convert currencies with our efficient spot transactions.

Spot Transactions

local currency collection

Simplify payments with local currency collections.

Local Currency Collection

virtual fx accounts

Manage multi-currency wallets to withdraw & handle currencies easily.

Virtual FX Accounts

See Grain in Action

Add FX certainty - without the complexity.

  • Why is currency protection crucial for my business?
    Currency volatility can lead to unpredictable financial outcomes, affecting your bottom line. Grain's currency protection ensures stability in your international transactions, allowing for more consistent financial planning and reduced risk exposure.
  • How does Grain protect my business from currency volatility?
    Grain protects your business from currency volatility through our innovative embedded currency hedging solution. Our data-driven cross-currency approach is designed to shield your transactions from currency fluctuations, ensuring stability on future accounts receivables or payables. Using a straightforward data stream via API or file sharing, Grain assumes all currency risks away from you.
  • What kind of data does Grain require to provide currency protection?
    Grain focuses on transactional data related to your cross-currency activities. This includes details of international transactions, payment histories, and related financial data. We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of data security and privacy.
  • How does Grain's Machine Learning model enhance FX protection?
    Our Machine Learning model analyzes past transaction patterns to create FX protection strategies specifically for your business or your end users. This includes creating pricing based on customer behavior, like cancellations and payment delays, thereby minimizing risk and maximizing efficiency.
  • What security measures does Grain take to protect my data?
    At Grain, we prioritize your data's security and privacy. We use advanced encryption and security protocols to ensure that all data processed through our system is protected. Our commitment to data privacy is backed by continuous monitoring and adherence to the latest security standards.
  • Which currencies does Grain support for transactions?
    Grain supports a wide range of currencies, facilitated by our multi-currency wallet feature. This allows you to create and manage accounts in various currencies, enhancing your ability to conduct and receive payments globally. Whether you're dealing in major world currencies or more localized ones, our platform is designed to cater to your diverse currency needs.
  • How does Grain currency volatility protection work?
    Grain's currency volatility protection works through an AI-driven solution. Firstly, it integrates with your platform to report transactions. Then, it provides real-time local currency quotes to your users, ensuring exchange rate certainty. Grain assumes 100% of the FX risk, guaranteeing the rates promised. Finally, on the due date, Grain automates the currency exchange at the guaranteed rate, completing the transaction seamlessly.
  • Do I need the entire payment amount to be processed via Grain?
    No. You can elect whether to convert the entire transaction amount via Grain, or to only settle the currency offsets
  • How does the Grain Local Collection functionality work?
    Grain opens multiple cross-currency bank accounts, facilitating seamless local collections for global business operations.


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