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Grain triumphs in Hotelbeds' Innovation Challenge – disrupting the travel industry

Updated: May 21

In recent months, the Traveltech Lab Innovation Challenge, powered by Hotelbeds and Wayra (Telefónica), has been a hotbed of creative thought and ingenious projects, all geared towards redefining the future of hospitality. We are overjoyed to announce that Grain emerged victorious from this competitive fray, standing shoulder to shoulder with fellow selected companies Botslovers, Smartvel, and Chekin.

Grain's unique position as the only fintech company among the winners attests to our commitment to disrupting the hotel tech ecosystem and transforming the FX volatility challenge for the travel industry into a competitive advantage.

In line with PhocusWire's forecasts, Grain is actively turning the democratization of financial services in the travel industry from a concept into a reality. Our embedded, API solution streamlines cross-border transactions, enhances operational efficiency, establishes more transparent pricing models, and turns cancellations into profit.

We would like to take this opportunity to extend our gratitude to Hotelbeds for recognizing our efforts and providing us with a platform to showcase how Grain is turning FX challenges into opportunities. We also express our deepest appreciation to everyone who supported us throughout this journey. Your faith in our vision fuels our resolve to continue disrupting and innovating.

At Grain, we are more motivated than ever to continue the work we've begun. Winning this challenge reaffirms our commitment to deliver innovative solutions for the travel sector, reinforcing our belief in a more efficient, transparent, and customer-centric future.

To explore how Grain can assist businesses in eliminating FX risk, enhancing satisfaction, boosting conversion, standing out from the competition, and enjoying zero integration fees, book a demo today.

Together, we can shape a new era of travel.

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