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Mexico and Brazil: Seizing Opportunities for Bedbanks amid Strengthening Currencies

Updated: May 26

In this blog post, we bring you important currency news that has the potential to significantly impact bed banks operating in the Mexican and Brazilian markets. Recent currency movements have seen both the Mexican peso (MXN) and the Brazilian real (BRL) strengthening against the US dollar (USD). We'll explore the implications of these currency fluctuations for bed banks, the reasons behind the MXN's five-year strengthening trend, and the factors contributing to the recent surge in the BRL. Additionally, we'll discuss how bed banks can leverage these developments and Grain's cross-currency solution to maximize their benefits and effectively manage currency fluctuations.

The Strengthening Mexican Peso

Over the past five years, the Mexican peso has exhibited a notable trend of strengthening against the US dollar. This recent quarter witnessed an impressive 5.1% average strengthening of the MXN, reaching the highest level in the past five years. Several factors have contributed to this strengthening:

  • Economic Stability: Mexico's efforts to maintain sound economic policies, fiscal discipline, and political stability have bolstered investor confidence and attracted foreign investment, leading to increased demand for the MXN.

  • Trade Relations: The close economic ties between Mexico and the United States, including the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA), have positively impacted the MXN. The stability in trade relations has provided a favorable environment for the peso's strength.

  • Higher Interest Rates: Mexico's central bank, Banco de México, has adopted a policy of gradually increasing interest rates. This strategy has attracted foreign investors seeking higher yields, further strengthening the MXN.

The Surging Brazilian Real

In the past quarter, the Brazilian real experienced a remarkable strengthening of 5.5% against the USD. The following factors have contributed to this surge:

  • Improved Economic Outlook: Brazil's economic recovery, coupled with progress in structural reforms, has generated optimism among investors. The country's GDP growth, inflation control measures, and fiscal discipline have enhanced the perception of economic stability, positively impacting the BRL.

  • Commodity Prices: Brazil is a significant exporter of commodities such as soybeans, iron ore, and crude oil. The recent surge in commodity prices, driven by global demand and supply disruptions, has boosted Brazil's export revenues and provided support for the BRL.

  • Interest Rate Differentials: Brazil's central bank, Banco Central do Brasil, has embarked on a tightening cycle by raising interest rates to combat inflationary pressures. This increase in interest rates has attracted foreign investors seeking higher returns, strengthening the BRL.

Seizing Opportunities with Cross-Currency Solutions

The strengthening of both the MXN and the BRL presents a remarkable opportunity for bed banks operating in the Mexican and Brazilian markets. By enabling customers to lock in these exceptional exchange rates, bed banks can provide them with better pricing and offer unprecedented value. To effectively manage currency fluctuations and capitalize on these opportunities, bed banks are encouraged to leverage embedded cross-currency solutions.

Grain's cross-currency solution empowers bed banks to minimize the impact of currency volatility, providing stability in pricing for their customers. By utilizing this innovative solution, bed banks can secure exchange rates and reduce the risks associated with fluctuating currencies, ensuring profitability and maintaining a competitive edge in the market.


The recent strengthening of the Mexican peso and the Brazilian real against the US dollar has significant implications for bed banks operating in these markets. Understanding the reasons behind these currency movements, including the MXN's five-year strengthening trend and the factors contributing to the BRL surge, allows bed banks to make informed decisions and leverage the opportunities presented.

By utilizing Grain's cross-currency solution, bed banks can effectively manage currency fluctuations, offer stable pricing. Seizing these opportunities will not only drive profitability but also enhance customer satisfaction and strengthen market positioning for bed banks operating in the Mexican and Brazilian markets.

To explore how Grain can assist businesses in eliminating FX risk, enhancing satisfaction, boosting conversion, standing out from the competition, and enjoying zero integration fees, book a demo today.

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