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Protect Your Business Against Currency Volatility

Grain provides businesses with an embedded cross-currency solution, reducing FX risk, driving new revenues, and improving competitiveness.


Explore the Advantages of Grain

Assure Hedge, Alt21, Kantox, Fluenccy and Reach & Bound provide specialized FX services. Our API-based solution integrates these features into a single embeddable solution, enabling clients to hedge global transactions and extend these services to their customers.

AI-Driven Hedging Efficiency

Our AI technology enhances hedging effectiveness, ensuring your financial strategies are more accurate.

Complete Risk Offloading

With our insurance-based approach, Grain takes on 100% of the risk, providing you with peace of mind.

Lower Operational Costs

We lower operational costs through netting positions, directly passing savings onto our customers.

Comprehensive Tech Ecosystem

Our full tech stack supports every stage of the hedging transaction lifecycle, from initiation to cash settlement.

Hedge 100% of Transactions

Grain offers unparalleled support for cancellations and refunds, without any additional costs to our customers.

Seamless Integration

We offer both real-time and offline integration options, whether you want API or file sharing.

Localized Fund Collection

We enable the collection of funds locally at the point of transaction with secured FX rates.

Embeddable Currency Protection

Our solution can be fully integrated into any platform, offering end-to-end currency protection.

Revenue Sharing Model

Grain shares revenue generated from hedging activities with platform-type customers.

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